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The municipality of Nova Zagora is part of the region of Sliven. It is situated in the region’s southwestern part. The area is 876, 9 square km. In the north it embraces the southern slopes of Mezhdenik, parts of the valley of the Tundzha River and Sredna Gora Mountain; in its southeastern part are the northern slopes of Sveti Iliyski Heights, and the central part is taken by the flat field of Nova Zagora.

The municipality of Nova Zagora with its natural potential, socio-economic parameters and demographic characteristics is defined as comparatively well-developed and is second in the region after the municipality of Sliven. The population of the municipality is 45, 343 people, 58.115 of whom (26, 351 people) live in the town of Nova Zagora and 41.89% (18,992 people) live in the surrounding villages. The density of the population is 51 people per square km, which is lower than the average for the region and the country. The municipality comprises one town and 33 villages