The history of Hristo Botev Secondary school dates back to 1859. It is the heir of the first class school in the district of Nova Zagora and of the local high school. The first teachers who worked in the school, among whom were Atanas Bogdanov, Dinyo Sivkov, Atanas Dragiev, were active campaigners in the struggle for the independence of the church and the state, devoted to the development of education, museums and libraries in the district.

 The building of Hristo Botev Secondary school was constructed in 1923 on the design of the architect Yordan Kapitanov, and in 1926 an auditorium was added to it, where famous actors, such as Krastiyu Sarafov used to act. It was declared a cultural monument, being one of the landmarks in the centre of Nova Zagora.

Many are the disciples of the school from different generations, who went on to become scientists, doctors, architects, lawyers, professionals in all spheres of science. Among them are the world famous physicist professor Minko Balkanski and the architect N. Nikolov. The majority of the artistic and engineering elite of the town completed their education at the school. The education of children from 1st to 12th grade began in 2005. Today this highly respected school provides education to 905 students, taught by 70 teachers, 37 of whom completed their secondary education at Hristo Botev Secondary School themselves.