Hristo Botev

The personality of Hristo Botev is so noble, grandiose and at the same time so attractive and wonderful, his activities- so selfless and powerful, his influence-so huge, that the more you look into his features, the more you respect and love him. Everything that could make a  man exquisite and great blends in his personality: the mind of a genius, a noble character, firm will, ardent and gentle soul, an open and sympathetic heart to everything wonderful in the world, strong, yet pure passions, a life full of fight and action…

Botev’s short, but intense and dramatic life began on 6th January 1848 in an epoch of slavery and heroism in the shade of the high peaks of the Stara Planina Mountain in Kalofer, the town which aroused passionate but ephemeral love in his heart, as well as deep hate, which, in his own words, accompanied him to the grave, there he came to know the rich and the poor, the Turks and the people. The later stages of his life-the huge fervour with which the young clever and ardent man devoured the air, worries and ideas of revolutionary Russia of the 1860s, when he was a student there; the huge hate with which he fought as a journalist and poet, revolutionary leader and patriot against the enemies of freedom and justice as an immigrant in Romania in 1867-1876; the deep love for the people that took him to the mountain near Vratsa  in May 1976 where he perished but was crowned with the halo of immortality. Quite deliberately, in the heat of the revolutionary struggle, he declared in a letter to T. Peev: “I cannot knock on doors and sing beggars’ patriotic songs. I leave that to others. I will make hammers of my fists, a drum of my skin, and a bomb of my head and will dare out to fight the elements…" (12th Feb.1976 ). Botev wrote to the Bulgarian Central Revolutionary Committee in Bucharest while on board of the Radetzki,  heading for the decisive battle for liberating his people: I am happy and my happiness is boundless when I think that ‘my prayer’ is becoming reality" (17 May1876). There is infinite power in these farewell words of the revolutionary, heading for a life and death battle to accomplish his ideas, thoughts and his poetry!
Botev was pierced by a Turkish bullet in the mountain which he glorified and left his bones in it.

(Hristo Botev- Selected Works in two volumes, Volume II)