Club activities

Club "Slovo" - instructor Mariana Pakova

              The club “Slovo” was set up in 2006/2007 school year. Some of the current participants have been members of the club since then. Now twelfth-grade students, having experienced the pleasure of working with words, winners in numerous competitions, they keep on traveling but this time with their new eleventh-grade friends.
              The purpose of this journey is delight in traveling, while developing the ability to write in a creative spirit and to treat words with care and respect. The instruments on their way are writing, editing, discussing, reading, publishing, participating in different literature contests….Searching.
             Smiling, cheerful, curious, gaining experience – such are the boys and girls in our small society called “Slovo”. Aware that “travellers have traveling ahead” (sometimes tired of lessons and tests, sometimes  vigorous) they go on touring on the steep slope of their own growth.
            A path which will make them happy when they take steps through life…

Palette club- instructor Pavlina Georgieva

              The young artists’ club at Hristo Botev Secondary school started its activities in 2004/05 school year under the instruction of Mrs. Pavlina Georgieva.  The students who were then 5th graders decided to show their colourful and original pictures and ideas, in school exhibitions and competitions and managed to impress their classmates and teachers. Those enthusiastic pupils are now students in the 11th grade but still keep the memory of their participation in the club. The school exhibitions, organized on the themes of “Golden autumn”, “Christmas”, the exhibitions, dedicated to the day of Trifon Zarezan, patron saint of grape and wine producers, St. Valentine, Mother’s day, Easter, etc. are a traditional decoration of the walls on the corridors of the school. We have received a number of prizes at competitions :
                ●  2nd place for group participation in the  Trifon Zarezan national competition  for  children’s drawings in Sungurlare, where we presented our sculptures;
               ●   encouragingprize at the “Liberation” National Competition in Pleven;
               ●  special prize and first place for Martin Minchev and Petya Ivanova at the “Chudomiriada” National competition in Kazanlak;
              ● lots of prizes from competitions on municipal level for the town’s patron day and the week for children’s  books and creativity.
           The participations in competitions inspire the young artists. The variety of techniques and materials present  a stimulus for the talented children. When we work with clay, there are a lot of ideas. The complicated techniques of work with dry pastel make them work assiduously. They are not intimidated by the large drawing sheets, they quickly fill them with the images of favourite landscapes and fairy-tale characters. The atmosphere in the club is pleasant- each of them is concentrated on his/her work and tries to do the best with the brush, the pastel and the pencil. And when they get prizes for their work, it stimulates their creativity even more and feeds their ambition to do even better.
            It is wonderful that there are talented artists in the school. Palette club is the right place for creative artistic accomplishments of the students at Hristo Botev School.

Vocal Group “Dream”- instructor Mariela Simeonova

A famous saying goes” A man is as big as his dreams”. The children have a rich imagination which knows no boundaries and is a source of ideas in the group’s work. The participations of the young dreamers in school concerts are numerous.


Traditional songs choir- instructor Mladen Savov

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