150 years of class school and 90 years of high school

For the first time the tradition was broken so that an unforgettable meeting of generations could take place. It will remain for long in the hearts of the people for whom Hristo Botev Secondary school is not just one of the schools in Nova Zagora, but who proudly call it ‘my school’.
On the warm evening of 3 May Minko Balkanski Theatre Hall became the place where memories, traditions and experience, youth, emotions and tears of gratitude and tenderness were given vent to. The meeting, which brought the past and present together with a look of hope and yearning to the future, will be unforgettable for all people present there. The stage was the place reconciling people of different generations, creating a new and different world, deleting the boundaries, in the good sense of the word, between principals, teachers, and students. Yoana Mitkova, student in 7b and Liuben Yovchev, a Bilogy teacher, presented the show. The teacher’s vocal group called ‘Love Magic’ (Mariela Simeonova, Vyara Novakova, Ganka Koleva, Mladen Savov and Liuben Yovchev) sang the best songs about the love, serving as a basis of the best achievements of both teachers and students through the years. The love and gratitude of generations of students, sometimes expressed years later, is the best gift, which the people present accepted openheartedly. Among the dear guests of the meeting were the former principals of the schools- Mrs. Kera Kamburova and Mrs. Dinka Hristova, who worked in the school for 35 years- both as a principal and as a teacher. Though the school bell no more rings for them, the thought of the young people and the school never leaves the minds of these eternally seeking and public-spirited people. In her warm-hearted and moving speech Mrs. Hristova  once again showed her respect for the teachers’ and students’ hard and dedicated labour.
Screenplay: Yulia Yorgova
 Sound and lightening: Kiril Kirov
Multimedia: Vesselina Stankova
150 years of class school and 90 years of high school is an important anniversary which united the desire of students and teachers to celebrate in an unusual way the long and  rich history of their school. The teachers Georgi Milanov and Zlatina Atanassova were the initiators of the idea of a festive procession and firework display and the young people took it up with enthusiasm. The citizens of Nova Zagora became witness of this show binding the history, tradition, youth and joy, of knowledge and wisdom. For the first time it was a voluntary procession, which had nothing in common with the parades of the past. The brass band, the smiling faces of the children, the group of cheerleaders, the folk dancers, the students and teachers brought a colourful change to the town on the evening of 4 May (Tuesday). The achievements of the school’s sportsmen were given special attention for the high prizes they won on municipal, district and national level. Mrs. Ilka Borisova- principal of the school- handed in special certificates to the teams and the best sportspeople had the privilege of bearing burning torches, symbolizing unity and the ever burning flame of knowledge. The people of Nova Zagora were again convinced that the power of success lies in unity, and the beautiful illumination added to the feeling of celebration and the uniqueness of the moment.
The anniversary celebrations were crowned on 5 May by a concert, in which present and past students, as well as teachers took place. The concert was attended by Mr. Peicho Peichev, vice governor of Sliven District, Mr. Ivan Slavov- Head of the Regional Educational Inspectorate  in Sliven, Mr. Nikolay Grozev- Mayor of the Municipality of Nova Zagora, Mrs. Galya Zaharieva- Deputy Mayor, principals of schools in the town.
Screenplay: Nadya Bardarova
Sound and lightening: Kiril Kirov and Staniela Hadzhieva
     Ministry of education, youth and science; Distrtict Governor- Sliven; Regional Education Inspectorate- Sliven; Municipality of Nova Zagora; Professor Minko Balkanski; PhD Dimitar Dobrudjaliev; Ivan Vazov Secondary school; Atanas Dimitrov Vocational high school; Hristo Smirnenski school; Paisii Hilendarski Primary school; Acad. Todor Samodumov Spesial school; Slanchitse Nursery school; Romain Rolland Language school- Stara Zagora;  St. Kliment Ohridski Language school- Blagoevgrad; Hristo Botev Secondary school- Sungurlare, Municipality of Sungulrare
"We remain in your hearts"
Professor Dimiter Dimitrov